Tax consultancy

From wage accounting to financial accounting to annual financial statements, we will prepare everything for you in order to support your day-to-day business as successfully as possible. Our experience is the most productive way to support you is to work digitally. If you have not switched to digital accounting, we will accompany you on this journey.

Our main focuses are:

Non-profit organisations

Since the founding of the tax firm, our focus has been on advising non-profit organisations. We advise associations, foundations and non-profit GmbH’s (Ltd) and UG’s (entrepreneurial company).

International tax law

In the course of globalisation, many companies and self-employed people have not only domestic income, but revenue comes from all over Europe and from so called “third countries” outside the EU. Of course, we have prepared ourselves for this. No matter whether your tax questions are on value added tax or profit taxes, we would be pleased to advise you on your everyday international tax situation.

Conversion of GmbH and other legal forms

Sometimes your company needs a new “suit”. Liability risks or tax considerations can be reasons for this, for instance. We would be pleased to accompany your transformation process.

All about property

At uncertain times, the demand for real estate has increased even further. No matter whether for your own use, rental or as business assets, we will gladly advise you before your purchase on the tax implications of your new investment!